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20. May 2013.

President of the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, Zoran Stankovic, said during his visit to the village of Levosoje, which is situated in the municipality of Bujanovac and which was flooded two months ago, that the residents of the village would be able to receive the compensation for damages from floods in the next ten days. 

Mr. Stankovic told the Levosoje villagers that the Treasury had already been instructed to pay 7. 35 million dinars to the municipalities of Bujanovac and Presevo. As for the possibility of preventing future flooding in the area, he informed the villagers that he had met with the responsible people from the Company for Water Management, which was to repair the wall on the Moravica River when the level of the river, which was still high, dropped. 

Based on the estimated damage, 5.1 million dinars were allocated to the municipality of Bujanovac, out of which the local community of Levosoje, whose residents suffered the greatest damage from flooding, will get 4. 5 million dinars, while 2.3 million dinars were earmarked for  repairing the damage from flooding in the municipality of Presevo.  

The municipality of Bujanovac earmarked 400,000 dinars for compensating the residents of Levosoje who suffered the damage from flooding.  

Mr. Stankovic also spoke with the mayor of Bujanovac, Nagip Arifi, about the solving of the economic problems, as well as about the political demands of the leaders of the Albanian political parties from South Serbia.

"We talked about what was started at the Belgrade-based Fair of Economic Potential, which concerns the solving of the economic problems of the three municipalities, as well as about the functioning of economic entities in the region, primarily of "Gumoplastika", which had, by the decision of the Commercial Court in Leskovac, got out of bankruptcy", Mr. Stankovic said after the meeting.  

He added that he had also spoken with other companies in the municipality that were in bankruptcy, for the purpose of helping them get operational once again and increasing employment.

Mr. Stankovic said that the requirements for solving the problems of the three municipalities had been submitted to other relevant bodies, so that they could help with increasing the economic potential of the municipality, creating jobs and bringing investors to the area of ​​the three municipalities.

Mr. Arifi informed Mr. Stankovic about the Fair of Economy and Agriculture, which the municipality of Bujanovac, in cooperation with the municipalities of Presevo and Medvedja, as well as the Regional Center for the Jablanica and Pcinj Districts, would organize in Bujanovac from May 27 to 29. 

While familiarizing Mr. Stankovic with the economic situation and problems in the municipality, Mr. Arifi thanked the Coordination Body for 60 million dinars in grants, which are intended for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and agricultural cooperatives in the southern Serbian municipalities.

He repeated that 25.5 million dinars in grants had been earmarked for the municipality of Bujanovac.

Mr. Arifi also thanked for the funds in the amount of nine million dinars, which would be invested in rehabilitation of the infrastructure, as well as for five million dinars, which were intended for repairing the houses of the villagers in the municipality, which were destroyed during the flood this February.  

A Fair of Agricultural and Economic Potential of the three southern Serbian municipalities will be held in Bujanovac from May 27 to 29, which will bring together businessmen from Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo and Metohija.

Source: RTS