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19. March 2012.

Speaking of cluster munition, we are currently doing two projects in the municipality of Presevo, the donation for which was made by the government of the Kingdom of Norway, said Petar Mihajlovic, Director of the Demining Center.   

„We agreed with the International Demining Foundation to have a tender issued for another eight demining projects, which the Demining Center had conceived and for which the funds had been provided“, said Mr. Mihajlovic. He explained that the US government, through the International Demining Center, had made 2.8 million US dollars available to Serbia in 2012. The said funds shall be used for demining a part of Kopaonik Mt, Kursumlija and Kraljevo, said Mr. Mihajlovic.    

„The demining of Kopanonik Mt. will be completed by the end of this July, when the entire mountain will be free of mines and safe“, Mr. Mihajlovic said.