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16. September 2020.

Bujanovac - For the fifth day in a row, smoke has been spreading from the city garbage dump in Bujanovac because, as the Head of the PE "Komunalac", Rushdi Halili, says, the machines cannot approach the remaining part of the garbage dump that was under fire.

 “The garbage dump is smoldering and not burning. We cannot approach the part next to the water, where sand is extracted, our trucks get stuck, but everything will surely be solved during the day, "Mr. Halili said.

To avoid arson in the future, Mr. Halili says that the entire area will be fenced.

"Let us just solve this now, there will be no more fire, we will put a ramp, a fence, and even cameras if necessary," the Director of "Komunalac" pointed out.

The fire broke out on Friday, after which it was localized the next day, and then the fire spread again on Saturday evening, while the residents of Bujanovac have been suffocating in thick smoke all the time.

Mr. Halili said that he suspected that someone had started the fire. However, it is indicative that the arson usually takes place on weekends, and when asked if they had reported the case to the competent authorities, he answered that they had not.

The fire brigade was not engaged in extinguishing the fire, because they are not in charge of such garbage dump incidents, but the workers of "Komunalac" are dealing with it, with the assistance of the mechanization belonging to a private company.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body