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14. February 2020.

The Open Society Foundation Serbia has launched a call for proposals to support projects in the field of ethnic minorities and inclusion of Roma.

Applications may be submitted for the projects that:

  • Encourage inter-ethnic and inter-cultural dialogue and exchange and contribute to peoviding a social climate conducive to the multi-ethnic character of society;
  • Provide conditions for the promotion and better implementation of the policies that are important to minority ethnic communities;
  • Improve the knowledge and skills of ethnic minority stakeholders on the existing anti-discrimination policies and mechanisms, as well as the conditions for their implementation;
  • Develop programs and good practices that contribute to the prevention of and protection from discrimination of Roma men and women in education;
  • Encourage the involvement of local Roma communities in the effective implementation of public policies that ensure the exercise of rights and equal access to quality social services to the Roma community. 

Projects can be submitted by civil society organizations and institutions (civic associations, informal civic groups, players in he fields of independent culture and the arts, academic institutions, think-tank organizations, trade unions, the media, etc.), national councils of national minorities, state and local authorities, institutions and the like. The applicant must be registered or domiciled in the Republic of Serbia.  Priority will be given to the projects that communicate directly and clearly with the citizens, are based on innovative and creative approaches and methodologies, and liaise horizontally with other civil society players. 

The total amount of funds intended for the funding of projects collected through this call is  1,100,000 US dollars.

Projects are submitted solely on the forms that can be downloaded on  The project proposal must contain the following completed forms: the project proposal, the budget and the questionnaire for organizations/institutions. The published forms must not be modified.   The forms submitted electronically need not be signed and stamped when applying. 

The applicant may submit only one project to the call, regardless of whether he/she submits the project on his/her own or in partnership with other applicants. If the applicant submits more than one project, the project first received at the email address will be considered. 

Questions regarding the project may be submitted to the project submission address by February 21, 2020 at the latest. Projects are submitted solely by email to  

The deadline for submitting projects is March 2, 2020.

The deadline for deciding on project support is 90 days from the day of ending of the call for proposals.  All applicants will receive written information on the outcome of deciding on the submitted projects to their email addresses indicated in their project proposals.

Further information on the call and the necessary documentation are available on

Source: Open Society Foundation Serbia and Coordination Body