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24. December 2018.

The Trag Foundation, in partnership with the SIGN network, and with the financial support of the European Union, isued a call for applications for the Academy of Sustainability Program. The program aims to help civil society organizations build long-term partnerships with new donors in their communities, improve their long-term financial planning and develop their sustainability by increasing their visibility and impacts in the communities in which they work.

The call for applications is open to all civil society organizations (associations of citizens and foundations) registered in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, which exist for more than a year and whose primary territory is the community (village, municipality, city) where they are registered.

The Trag Foundation will support up to 10 civil society organizations, which will receive training on raising funds, support for preparing the fund-raising plans and 700 euros for fundraising campaigns. The Trag foundation also grants them the same amount of money, which they can use for their project activities. The minimum amount to raise is 2,000 euros, and the maximum one is 4,000 euros in dinar counter value. A total of 28,000 euros are available for all 10 projects.

The filled-in application forms can be e-mailed by January 18, 2019 at the latest to  filantropija@tragfondacija.orgb. The application form can be downloaded on

The selection process will be completed no later than the end of January 2019, while two training sessions will be held in February 2019.

If you need any support during the competition or want to consult in connection with your idea, please send an e-mail to .

More detailed information on the requirements of the call and the decision-making process can be downloaded on

Source: Youth Portal and Coordination Body