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15. April 2019.

Belgrade -  Citizens from our unemployed records can submit their requests, business plans and necessary documentation for the call for self-employment projects until April 22, said Zoran Martinovic, the Director of the National Employment Office.  

"This year, we can include close to 4, 000 people in the program, "Mr. Martinovic said, adding that around 2, 500 requests had been received until then.  

As he said for the Radio and Television of Serbia, the procedure was not demanding and the money that was obtained was a non-refundable financial assistance for starting a job.

“Somebody may call it symbolic, and somebody encouraging.  We are giving from 200. 000 to 240. 000 dinars this year.  I think that this is enough to pay the taxes and contributions for a year and start a business that does not require big investments, " Mr. Martinovic said.

Mr. Martinovic said that there were 569,000 registered unemployed people and that that number had decreased by about eight percent compared to the previous year.   

The Director of the National Employment Office said that the office had presented its programs in all local self-governments, that people were mostly interested in the opening of new working places, for which one could get from 150, 000 to 300, 000 dinars.  

He stated that the traineeship program was a novelty, which was being implemented in private companies from that year onwards.  

“We want to develop the real sector and to unburden the public sector.  This year, we will have two modalities - for persons with university education and for those with secondary school education that are up to 30 years old, "Mr. Martinovic said.

“There are some requirements that future employees, as well as employers, have to meet”, Mr. Martinovic said, adding that he expected that around 1,130 trainees would be hired through that program.

Source: Business Morning and Coordination Body