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31. July 2012.

Are you unemployed and between 15 and 30 years old? Do you live in Vranje, Bujanovac or Presevo? Do you want to be active? Do you have any work experience? Do you want to learn and find out about the opportunities for internships, practice and entrepreneurship? Get engaged in the  "YouthBuild Serbia - Educated and Active Young People" project and become one of  40 young persons that will acquire the skills necessary for employment and local community activism during a six-month training course. Send your completed application form by September 3, 20122, to and become part of the "YouthBuild Serbia - Educated and Active Young People" team!

The "YouthBuild Serbia – Educated and Active Young People" project includes intensive training in the skills necessary for employment and activism in the local community, as well as the mentoring of 40 young people in Bujanovac, Presevo and Vranje. A group of 40 participants, who are from 15 to 30 years old and who are from Bujanovac, Presevo and Vranje, will spend six months participating in two phases of the project. They will spend the first four months in intensive learning at a training center in Bujanovac, where they will gather together on a daily basis for a variety of educational activities, workshops, counseling and support. During this phase, beneficiaries of the training course will spend their time on working on socially useful projects within the community, so that their engagement, over the first two months, will be two-fold and will include:   

1. The activities inside the classroom, through which they will improve their language skills and financial literacy, learn practical skills, communication skills, go through training in leadership and social skills,

2. The activities related to projects implemented within the community, which make the potential of young people visible and provide them with practical work experience.  

In the second phase of the project, which lasts two months, "Civic Initiatives" will help the training course beneficiaries to search for jobs, as well as with internships and practice, entrepreneurial ventures, with establishing contacts with institutions and with other activities related  to the achievement of economic independence of the young. Once a week, they will return to the training center for further consultations and professional development services.

The elements of social and civic education will be included in both phases of the program. Participants in the project will be provided scholarships, too. The introductory training for person interested in participating in the project is planned in the period from September 12 to 14, 2012, after which participants in the six-month project will be selected. 

"YouthBuild" is a model that was implemented and that produced excellent results in 15 countries worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, "YouthBuild" enabled over 94,000 young people to take activities and to build their own communities. The "YouthBuild Serbia - Educated and Active Young People" is implemented by "Civic Initiatives", while it is supported by "Caritas Luxembourg" and "YouthBuild International."