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28. February 2014.

The Director of the Office of Human and Minority Rights, Suzana Paunovic, recommended to the Albanian leaders from South Serbia that they should invite their countrymen and fellow-citizens to vote in the parliamentary elections of March 16, 2014.  

She also said that the Albanians "should actively participate in the political life of Serbia and should reach decisions when you have the opportunity to do so, and the elections are just an opportunity for this,so that  that we wouldn't ", as she pointed out," have a situation like we did with  the boycott of  the  2011 census. " 

"Everyone in the Government of the Republic of Serbia is aware that the number of people listed as members of the Albanian national minority in the 2011 census is much smaller than the number of those living in South Serbia. But the census was completely free and people could decide whether they wanted or didn't want to participate in it."

Also, Director Paunovic explained that the conditions for the submission of candidate lists existed and that they referred to the number of people living in South Serbia and, as she said, "in that respect, there is absolutely no doubt that human and minority rights were respected".

Source: The Evening News and Coordination Body