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30. October 2020.

The Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Team of the Government of the Republic of Serbia developed the Social Benefits Calculator application.

The social benefits calculator  aims to provide citizens with a possible estimate of the amount of financial social assistance (the right specified by the Law on Social Protection) and the amount of child allowance (the right specified by the Law on Financial Support to Families with Children) taking into account the specific characteristics of their households.

The calculator is for illustrative purposes only and does not apply to families whose only income comes from agricultural activities. The user’s answers are not recorded anywhere and every time the application is accessed, the user has to fill in the questionnaire from the beginning.

If you believe that your income is such that your household has a well-founded need for your income to be supplemented from social transfers, we invite you to contact the municipal authority responsible for child protection issues (  and the competent Center for Social Work (

You can gain access to the social benefits calculator on

Source: Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Team and Coordination Body