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25. July 2011.

Vranje – The real estate registry of the municipality of Presevo was finished following a sixteen years’ long work on it.  The municipality of Presevo, which has a very important geo-strategic position for Serbia, got a uniform record of land and real estate in its territory.  The Republican Geodetic Institute, along with the appropriate Presevo’s self-governmental offices, compiled the most comprehensive land register that has ever been done in Presevo. The land register includes the data on the land and its owners, as well as the data on the facilities, their owners and their purpose.

The initial surveying in the Presevo region was done over half a century ago. Up to some twenty years ago, a system of deeds was used in the territory from Nis to Presevo. It’s only then that the uniform records began to be kept. The land register is going to be extremely important for Presevo’s general control plan, too. Ragmi Mustafa, President of the Municipality of Presevo, pointed out that complete information on the immovables would be important to the future investors and they would bring economic benefits to the residents of Presevo.  The responsible people at the Geodetic Institute said that the land registry would facilitate the development of Presevo. Also available in the cadastre are the data on all land - related spheres in the municipality. The citizens will be able to get all the necessary documents for legalizing their structures fast, as well as those for getting mortgage credits or for investing in that part of Serbia.  

There are 37 cadastral districts in Presevo, which take up a total of 264 hectares of land.  Around 40 thousand people live in this part of the Pcinj County.