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30. July 2014.

The BIC celebrates the first year of existence of its virtual business incubator center, which owing to the support of the European Union and the Government of Switzerland, backs the development of entrepreneurship among the Roma population.

 The result of the project is the establishment of a virtual incubator for starting small businesses, whose owners are members of the Roma population in South Serbia.

“With the support of our donors, the project beneficiaries established 16 new small businesses,  thereby providing employment for 26 members of the multi- marginalized Roma population from the territory of Vranje, Bujanovac, Vladicin Han and Vranje Spa. The project is funded with 100,000 euros by “Progress”, as well as with 22,000 US dollars by the “Open Society Institute” from Budapest”,said  the Director of the Business Incubator Center Ivana Stosic.

In addition to the virtual incubator, the BIC launched a project aimed at supporting women's entrepreneurship.

“This project aims to support the development of women's entrepreneurship and self-employment by providing financial support for starting businesses through the purchase of the equipment, as well as by providing consulting services to the firms owned by women that are already operating. Nine women entrepreneurs received the equipment for starting their own businesses, and with the assistance of BIC consultants, underwent an shortened training course on all aspects of entrepreneurship. As a result, they had their companies registered and began working. This project was also implemented with the financial support from the European Union and the Government of Switzerland, through the European Partnership with Municipalities program EU PROGRESS. The value of the project is 61,760 US dollars”, said Ivana Stosic.

Source: Jugmedia, OK Radio and Coordination Body