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30. January 2017.

Bujanovaac – "We need not worry about the future of basketball in Bujanovac, which is certain and bright, no matter what others might think. If the local self-government continues to financially support the club in the future, the club will become a kind of center for basketball talents in South Serbia, "said Nenad Stajic, the founder and coach of the Bujanovac Youth Basketball Club PLAY 017, and announced the establishment of a basketball academy in Bujanovac.

"The youth basketball club PLAY 017 is in many ways unique in the region, with over 200 members, whose teams achieve outstanding results. The club currently has eight teams: mini-basketball for boys, mini-basketball for girls, as well as basketball for young female pioneers, young male pioneers, female pioneers, male pioneers, female cadets and male cadets, "Mr. Stajic says.

What Mr. Stajic is particularly proud of is the fact that the club adheres to the highest standards in sports, educational, spiritual and educational work with children.  

“We still want to be an example of successful functioning of a multi-ethnic environment, a club in which all its members enjoy the same rights, regardless of all the prejudices, one’s ethnic background or religious affiliation. We expect to get just a little more understanding from the children's parents, basketball friends from Bujanovac and South Serbia, the local self-government and all people of good will, which will help Bujanovac and the region get a multiethnic regional basketball academy. Tomorrow, that institution will, according to our idea, make great human beings and sportsmen of the good boys and girls, regardless of whether  they are Serbs, Albanians or Roma, or followers of Orthodox faith, Catholics or Bosniaks,” Mr. Stajic said.  

Source: Vranje News. Bujanovac News and Coordination Body