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26. September 2016.

Bujanovac – The second in a row exhibition of Simmental cattle will be held at the stadium in the village of Levosoje on October 1.

Miodrag Milkovic, the Director of the Bujanovac Veterinary Station, said that the livestock in the municipalities of Bujanovac and Presevo ​​increased from year to year, so that it was normal for the herdsmen to establish competitive spirit among them.

“We currently have 1,394 purebred cattle in these two municipalities, as well as 394 heifers that ought to calve by the end of the year. These are extremely good results for our conditions, while the best purebred cattle should be seen at this exhibition, "Mr. Milkovic said.

Mr. Milkovic points out that, like last year, in the race for prizes, all cattle will be divided into three categories: the already recorded cows, those that calved for the first time and heifers.

"The prize fund for the best cattle-breeders will be around 300,000 dinars, but I'm sure that the jury will, this year, have a much more difficult job than the last one," said director Milkovic.  

First prize in all three categories is 20, 000 dinars, the second 15, 000 dinars and the third 10,000 dinars.

The organizer planned the prize of 30,000 dinars for the absolute winner of the exhibition.
All participants in the exhibition will receive from the organizers of the exhibition 3,000 dinars for transportation of the livestock.

The organization of the exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Center for Artificial Insemination from Velika Plana.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body