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6. February 2013.

Bujanovac – The United Nations PBILD Program proclaimed that the municipality of Bujanovac was the best local self-government. As a reward for this, the municipality of Bujanovac was donated a jeep of the "Dacia" brand, which is worth 16, 000 dollars.  

The United Nations PBILD program is successfully implemented in the Jablanica and Pcinj districts. It has been cooperating well with the municipality of Bujanovac from the very beginning of its implementation in South Serbia, which is supported by the fact that thanks to the PBILD program, many projects were implemented and favorable results achieved in the municipality of Bujanovac.  

On that occasion, Nagip Arifi, Mayor of Bujanovac, said: "The local self-government or the  municipal administration has a very good cooperation with the PBILD Program, which is supported by the United Nations, the Swiss Embassy, ​​Norway and Sweden. Today, we received this jeep as a reward from the PBILD Program, which costs 16, 000 dollars. The PBILD Program donated 11, 000 dollars, whereas 5, 900 dollars were provided from the budget.  I hope that thanks to this vehicle, our administration will have access to all the settlements and will, therefore, be able to talk with the citizens about the problems in their local communities. I’m using this opportunity to thank Mr. Hercules for proclaiming that our local self-government as the best one and for donating us this vehicle as a reward for 2012. It's a great reward not only for our community, but also for all citizens of the municipality of Bujanovac.

The car keys were handed over to Mr. Arifi by Nicolas Hercules, the Head of the PBILD Program’s Office, who, on this occasion, expressed the desire for further cooperation with the municipality of Bujanovac and announced the opening of 30 new jobs in administration and production, as of February this year. 

Source: TV Bujanovac