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28. March 2014.

Bujanovac - The special rehabilitation hospital in Bujanovac Spa expects to be able to provide some financial resources that are necessary for the reconstruction of infrastructure in the spa resort.  In addition to the reconstruction of two swimming-pools, the restoration of sports fields is planned, too.

Based on the conversation with Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, on the completion of the business plan, the special rehabilitation hospital in Bujanovac Spa believes that the state, as a 100 per cent owner of the capital in the natural health resort, will provide specific financial resources for the construction and reconstruction of the necessary infrastructure. 

“The restoration of the so-called women's swimming-pool, which has, so far, been non-functional for a year and a half, has already begun. As for the non-accommodation facilities, both the location and the spa have always had problems with them. The sports grounds are in a neglected state. However, last week, a gentleman from Vranje expressed great interest in the restoration and rehabilitation of the tennis courts, basketball and football grounds, as well as in the opening of the outdoor swimming- pool. The negotiations between the management of our institution and him are in progress, and since this is a state institution, we just need to get the approval from the Ministry of Health", said the Acting Director of the institution, Stojanca Savov, MD. 

Bujanovac Spa would complete its non-accommodation facilities by the planned  renovation of its sports fields, sauna  and indoor and outdoor swimming-pools, which should, in the summer, open their doors to recreational swimmers, as well as to regular swimmers from Bujanovac and its surroundings.

Source: TV Bujanovac and Coordination Body