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23. December 2013.

On Friday, Bujanovac Municipal Assembly adopted the budget of the municipality for 2014, which amounts to 933, 808,000 dinars. 

President of Bujanovac Municipal Assembly, Jonuz Musliu, said during the discussion that it was a budget for the development of the municipality and that more should be done to increase the revenues.  

Mayor of Bujanovac, Nagip Arifi, who is responsible for the revenues and expenditures of the municipality, said that the budget had been increased based on the revenues.

"The budget isn’t ideal, but it is real, so that we didn’t increase the municipal taxes that burden the citizens. However, we shall carry out our municipal development projects, "said Mr. Arifi.

Ragmi Mustafa, a committeeman of the opposition Party for Democratic Action, accused the local authorities of adopting the 2014 budget, which is by around 57 million dinars lower than this year’s one, which concerned the citizens. He pointed out the problem of broadcasting by RTV Bujanovac, which had excessive costs.

"As for the broadcasting of RTV programs, there should be an open competition, as well as  competitions for the media projects, while the media that offer lower prices should be selected," said Mr. Mustafa.

The Municipal Assembly will continue its session, when the dismissal of the management of the public utility company "Komunalac" will be discussed. The company is a huge burden for the budget of the municipality because of its debts.  

The budget of the municipality of Bujanovac for 2013 amounted to 971,801,000 dinars, while the one for 2014 is by around 57 million dinars lower.  

Source: Titulli and Coordination Body