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30. July 2020.

Bujanovac - Due to frequent failures of the X-ray machine in the Bujanovac Health Center, which greatly complicates the already difficult fight of doctors against the corona virus, this health institution received a new X-ray device from the Ministry of Health and the Republican Crisis Staff.

“Our device is so old and is increasingly out of order, which is unacceptable in the current situation with Covid-19. We addressed the Crisis Staff with a request for urgent assistance and a positive response followed immediately. We are getting a new X-ray unit today. On behalf of our medical staff, I thank the Government of Serbia, the Ministry, the Crisis Staff and the Fund for the swift response and for the care for all of us, "said the Director of the Health Center, Dr. Lela Jovanović.

The new device will be installed in the coming days.

The director emphasized that a lung scan at a special surgery was necessary for most patients with COVID- 19 symptoms. 

“Unfortunately, most of them are also diagnosed with pneumonia. We have never been in this situation, with such a large number of patients with lung findings, "Dr. Jovanović said.  

While more and more citizens come to the COVID-19 surgery every day, with an average of more than 90 patients a day, the Director announced that the surgery would most likely start operating in three shifts.

According to the Health Center’s data, 122 people have been infected with the corona virus in Bujanovac since the beginning of the epidemic.

Over the past four days, 13 people were hospitalized.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body