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27. December 2017.

Medvedja – At the 17th session of the Municipal Assembly of Medvedja, its members  unanimously adopted the budget for 2018, for which it was said to be for the purpose of development of Medvedja. 

Mayor Nebojsa Arsic said that the budget was a development one primarily because considerable funds for the employment of youth in the following year were planned, as well as for the construction of road infrastructure, for which as many as 65 million dinars were put aside, and for the preparation of project and technical documentation.

Also, 10 million dinars were planned for the development of sports, 4 million dinars more than this year, as well as 13 million dinars for the sphere of culture, which Medvedja attaches great importance to.

"Actually, the budget was made in accordance with the requests and desires of the residents of Medvedja, since we had a public debate, in which the citizens, especially young people, as well as representatives of business and political entities, participated" Mayor Arsic said. 

In addition to this most important item, the plan and program of operation of all public institutions, the staffing plan of the municipality of Medvedja, as well as several items from the sphere of responsibility of the Municipal Assembly, were included in the agenda.  

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body