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BRANISLAV TIODOROVIC HAD ONLY WORDS OF PRAISE: Presevo is at the Top in Terms of the Number of Vaccinated People in Serbia!

16. March 2021.

Presevo - A member of the Republican Crisis Staff, Dr. Branislav Tiodorovic, visited the Health Center in Presevo yesterday.

He praised the operation and organization of vaccination, as well as of the COVID infirmary, in that municipality.

According to the Director of the Health Center, Dr. Driton Salihu, Dr. Tiodorovic was in Presevo for the first time and he was satisfied with the way the vaccination was going.

 „"At this meeting, the advice of the epidemiologist on the importance of vaccination against COVID-19 was accepted, which remains the strongest weapon for mitigating the situation until the pandemic disappears," Dr. Salihu said.  

4,222 doses of vaccine have been received in the municipality since the beginning of vaccination.  Around 60 percent of people have received the Chinese vaccine, and as they say, the interest in vaccination is not waning.

Source: “Evening News” daily and Coordination Body