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August 3, 2009

3. August 2009.

Ivica Dacic, the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs,  said yesterday that he had talked with Albanian leaders from South Serbia the week before, with the aim of maintaining political stability and security in the region. „The talks went off well and they should go on. I want our security units in South Serbia to have the understanding and support of South Serbia’s citizens. I also want us to jointly fight against crime and corruption, since it is in everybody’s interest,” said Mr. Dacic.

According to Mr.Dacic, the Ministry of Interior shall give support to the Coordination Body and its President, Minister for Public Administration and Local Self-Government Milan Markovic, so that the Albanian ethnic minority could fully integrate in the Serbian governmental institutions as soon as possible.

Mr. Dacic will continue talking and cooperating with the Albanian leaders. However, according to him, he will insist on establishing a constant public peace and order, including the respect for human and minority rights and Serbia’s public order.