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1. August 2014.

Vranje – Yesterday, Elisa Salihi from Veliki Trnovac physically assaulted an on-duty team of  the Vranje-based  Electric Power Distribution Company. 

“During the attack, Salihi inflicted slight injuries on two of our workers with a metal bar, and then, with several blows, damaged our company’s “Jugo” car  where members of our team were”, it was confirmed by the Electric Power Distribution Company.

In the attack, locals Burim and Adnan Latifi sustained the injuries, while Gzim Hasani from Veliki Trnovac and Rejan Behljulji from Lucane sustained no injuries at all, since they managed to escape the angry striker.

The injured workers were taken to Bujanovac Health Center, where they received medical assistance.

Salihi was illegally connected to the electric power grid, while the workers were ordered to disconnect him, as well as other illegal consumers of electric power. The attacker assaulted the workers with a metal bar when they, after completion of the work, got into their official car. A bit later, a police patrol and representatives of investigative bodies arrived at the scene of the incident. The attacker Elisa Salihi hasn’t yet been apprehended.  

The Vranje-based Electric Power Distribution Company stated that more details about the attack were expected from the police during the day, as well as the bringing to justice of the haughty attacker who had illegally connected his household to the electric power grid.

“This is who knows which consecutive attack on our workers in Veliki Trnovac, where we have huge problems with both those who illegally connect to the electric power grid and with irregular payers, the percentage of which here is the highest in Serbia”, says Zoran Knezevic, Director of the Electric Power Distribution Company.  

Mr. Knezevic points out that on the list of twenty largest electric power debtors in the district, as many as 12 of them are from the local community of Veliki Trnovac and added that out of the total amount of electricity supplied to the village, more than 50 percent was stolen.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body