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21. September 2020.

Bujsanovac - Works on the reconstruction of the main street in Bujanovac continued after a two-week standstill. The machine for removing the old layer of asphalt is finally back in operation.

Reconstruction of the second half of the main street in the city, stretching from the Post Office to the Health Center, officially began on August 19, but concrete works actually started two weeks later, when the traffic regime in the city center was changed.

The contractor, the "Saba Belca" company from Presevo, cannot be proud of the performance over the past month, considering that the old asphalt in Radomir Putnik Street and in part of Karadjordjeva Street, from the former Committee building to the city park, has not been completely removed yet.

The delay is accompanied by confusion, because for an unknown reason, that section is periodically opened for traffic, so that vehicles are still parked where works should be done, while the citizens are already starting to complain about the huge amount of dust.

Citizens, at their own initiative, move the "ramp" set by the workers and continue driving.

The asphalting of the main street, which is about 2 kilometers long, started almost a year ago.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body