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25. July 2016.

Presevo – Lirie Samani Misini, a representative of the UNHCR in Presevo​​ said that the current situation at the Centre for the Reception of Refugees in Presevo was calm and that there were a bit over twenty migrants staying at the Centre at the time. 

“There are around 25 people from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq here," Ms. Misini said, adding that it was noticeable that due to the extreme heat, the migrants were very tired and in need of medical assistance.

Ms. Misini pointed out that the Centre in Presevo   was well-equipped and that the refugees could obtain legal advice, medical assistance and social support there.  

“A great number of children come, which is why it is important that we have a place for babies, which operates extremely well.  Various organizations, which provide different forms of assistance, operate jointly here," Ms. Misini said.

According to her, migrants stay at the Center in Presevo for two to three days, and continue their journey after recuperating. 

“We advise them to legalize their stay here. Those who opt for asylum in Serbia are referred to asylum centers, so that they leave the Center after the receipt of such a document," Ms.Misini said.

Fifteen or so migrants come to Presevo ​​on a daily basis, which isn’t a big issue, since the Center is well- equipped and can accommodate up to 1,000 people.

Source: “FoNet” news agency, “Evening News” daily, Jugpress and Coordination Body