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3. December 2020.

Bujanovac – On Tuesday, COVID-19 was confirmed in 13 more residents of Bujanovac, including one pregnant woman and another employee of the Health Center in Bujanovac.

According to Dr. Daliborka Pavlovic, the Director of the Bujanovac health-care  institution, the pregnant woman is well and will be treated at home.

“Yesterday, she was sent to the hospital in Vranje for an examination by a virologist, who thought that the patient was in good condition and that hospitalization was not necessary”, Dr. Pavlovic said.

A total of six positive persons were referred to the hospital, but not all of them were kept for hospital treatment.

The number of infected employees of the Health Center increases on a daily basis, so that there have been 18 such employees since November 1.  

117 examinations were done in the COVID infirmary yesterday, including three children.

In two days in December, COVID was confirmed in 20 people, while during the last month, a record number of 217 citizens fell ill.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body