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14. July 2020.

Vranje, Bujanovac, Presevo - The humanitarian campaign for collecting aid for Vranje's COVID hospitals, which was recently launched by the Center for Media Transparency and Social Responsibility (CMTSR) NGO, had an extremely good response from the citizens of southern Serbia and exceeded the expectations of the organizers.

So far, the fourth newly opened COVID hospital has received one washing machine and dryer, 30 pillows, 2 pulse oximeters, 2 digital thermometers, 100 facial masks, 100 pairs of gloves, 5 liters of liquid soap, 10 liters of asepsol, 12 liters of alcohol and some towels.

The largest COVID hospital in the old surgery building was given two pulse oximeters, which were necessary for it. Also, the Health Station in the village of Vlase received a donation in the form of masks, gloves, medical alcohol and a non-contact thermometer.

At the request of the citizens, part of the collected humanitarian aid will be sent to the COVID hospital in Surdulica.

"So far, 663,370.00 dinars have been collected for the purpose of helping COVID surgeries and hospitals in Vranje. And that is not the end, because by July 17, when the campaign ends, more payments will arrive into our account.  We will inform the public about each new donation received ", said Jelena Markovic, the PR person for the CMTSR

According to her, each donor is recorded and the list of donors on the Center's website is updated on a daily basis. So far, there have been over 200 of them. The largest donation arrived in the amount of 100,000 dinars, and the smallest one in the amount of 500 dinars, but they have the same value.

Among the donors are numerous individuals, public enterprises and companies from Vranje, Bujanovac, Presevo and Trgoviste.

“Almost every citizen of Vranje donated at least one liter of hygiene products. Such unity has not been seen for a long time, and that makes the campaign even more important, "said Ms. Marinkovic, adding that other organizations from the NGO sector also joined the campaign.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body