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25. October 2012.

Source: Jugpress / Presevo – On the occasion of yesterday’s opening of the Citizens’ Advisory Service in Presevo, the EU Ambassador to Serbia, Vincent Degert, said that the said service was the symbol of a responsible municipal government that was trying to be helpful to its citizens.

"This office and its services are the symbol of a responsible municipal government that the local self-government in Presevo is striving for. The fact that it will be providing citizens with free legal assistance in many areas of life is a great service to residents of the municipality", Ambassador Degert said.

During the meeting with the mayor of Presevo, Ragmi Mustafa, and his associates, the project of waste water and solid waste disposal was discussed.

Ambassador Degert visited the "Ibrahim Keljmendi" elementary school, which has 2,200 students and is one of the largest schools in Serbia. Works on the complete replacement of doors and windows were finished off, into which around 100,000 euros were invested from the EU Progress program.