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30. May 2014.

A series of debates on the issues of women's rights in South Serbia continues on May 30, 2014,  by three panel discussions on women's rights, which will be held during the civic education classes at St. Sava secondary school in Bujanovac and at the “Skenderbeg“ grammar school in Presevo.  The said panel discussions will be held by Aida Corovic, who is an MP, a human rights activist and the former coordinator of the non-governmental organization “Urban In“ from Novi Pazar.The panel discussions will be held as part of the closing activities  for the “Equalize Me“ project, which is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of respecting the rights of minorities.  

The above-mentioned  panel discussion will be held:

- From 9.40 am to 10.25 am at the “Skenderbeg“ grammar school in Presevo,

- From 12.15 am to 1 pm at the “Sezai Suroi“ grammar school in Bujanovac,

- From 2.45 pm to 3.30 pm at the “St.Sava“ secondary school in Bujanovac.   

Over two decades’ long activities of Aida Corovic are related to the protection of human rights, while her activities related to women's rights and gender equality are especially important.   

The series of debates on minority groups and their rights in Serbia are part of the “Equalize Me!“ project.  As part of the project , apart from discussions on minority rights, the following activities  were completed over the past year: the “We-Here“campaign, which included a variety of activities, movies and plays and whose audience included over 8 000 people, the training of young people for active participation through journalism and activism and the work of local and regional teams of professionals from institutions and organizations dealing with minorities. The “Equalize Me“ project is implemented by the “Generator“ NGO from Vranje, while it is funded by the EU Delegation to Serbia, as part of the EIDHR program, as well as by the municipalities in which it is implemented.

Source:  „Generator“ NGO, Jugmedia and Coordination Body