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31. August 2015.

Presevo – The Roma Center for Democracy, numerous citizens of Vranje and the female entrepreneurs, who the Roma Centre for Democracy had supported in starting their own businesses, collected the aid that was provided to migrants in Presevo.

The Women's Fund provided 149, 000 dinars for the purchase of “Pampers” diapers, food and cosmetics for babies, of which volunteers of the Roma Center made 50 packages, while clothes for children and women, shoes, blankets etc. were collected from the citizens’ donations.

The aid, the collection of which lasted a month, was distributed in Presevo yesterday.

“The impression that we gained is rather negative. People are waiting for a better tomorrow with babies in their arms, the babies are sleeping on the chairs of a nearby cafe etc. One sees that the parents are hopeful about a better tomorrow. Their goal is to arrive in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden", says Ivana Stosic from the organization.

According to her, the Red Cross branch office in Presevo doesn’t have a sufficient amount of  baby food and diapers.

“We shall continue to collect aid for the babies and hygiene kits for the women. There is a tremendous deficit in them and the idea is to collect new quantities of them in a month’s time. As the winter approaches, it is necessary for them to have clothes for the autumn, especially for children, because they travel without anything at all", said Ms. Stosic.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body