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23. October 2018.

Bujanovac – "Food Brings Us Closer Together" was the main motto of a kind of culinary performance at the  “Levko” restaurant in Bujanovac.

As part of the project "Together We Are Stronger", students from the "Saint Sava" secondary school and their migrant friends, along with their mothers, prepared their national specialties.

Ivana Mitrovic, a teacher, who carried out the project, explains that the specialties were prepared by four students and their parents, under the watchful eye of Bojana Mitic, a cookery teacher.

"Our cuisine was represented by beans in a pan with a sausage, hake in orly sauce, potato salad, oredever, mixed salad, and strudel and grandmother's cake for dessert," Bojan, a teacher, said.

The guests from Iran and Afghanistan presented their dishes that are characterized by distinctive oriental spices, so that they served kebab, rice in several ways, stewed and grilled vegetables, chicken and salads.

With plenty of refreshments and the children's cheerful noise, the guests casually chatted, enjoying the dishes of the three national cuisines and the beautiful ambiance of the “Levko” restaurant.  

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body