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25. October 2016.

Presevo, Bujanovac, Меdvedja - Kindergarten teachers, as well as school teachers and school  psychologists,  will be able to receive advanced training abroad in the future.  All that the educational institutions where they work have to do is fill in the application forms for the EU Erazmus Plus Program.  

Sofija Dukic, the Deputy Head of the Tempus Foundation, which, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, implements the program in the Republic of Serbia, said that preschools, elementary and secondary schools, as well as adult education institutions, could submit their projects for study visits of their staff at the relevant institutions in the EU. 

She said that the call for all Europe was issued on Thursday, October 20, and that it would last until February 2017, so that the educational institutions would have enough time to prepare and submit application forms and the appropriate documents.

It is only necessary that the project with which they apply in the competition is done in partnership with a school or other educational institution in the EU.

“This partnership is the minimum that must be achieved within a project. A school from Serbia should send its application form and documents to the Tempus Foundation, while, in the application stage, it should also specify the activities planned under the project that are relevant to the individuals and the organization as a whole and how they affect the quality of teaching and learning and who their partner from the EU is, a school or other organization that deals with vocational education and training, " Ms. Dukic said.  

All those interested in the EU’s Erasmus Plus Program can obtain detailed information on the program during the Erasmus Plus Week, which takes place from October 24 to 28, 2016. 

Further information on the program and the Erasmus Plus Week is available on

Source: Tempus Foundation and Coordination Body