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18. October 2019.

The Belgrade Open School, in cooperation with the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence and the Balkan Research Network Serbia, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), issued the first call for the Annual Advocacy Awards.

The aim of this recognition is to recognize civil society organizations and informal groups that seek to make their communities better and more connected.

There are three categories within the competition, which are the following:

• Successful cooperation with decision-makers in the sphere of advocacy,

• Successful gathering of citizens as the bearers of the message of advocacy and

• Informal group initiatives.

In addition to extensive media promotion and public recognition, the selected civil society organizations and the informal group will also receive a cash or merchandise prize worth $ 500.

All applications are made through the online form on the Public Advocacy website, which is available on , until October 27, 2019.

Only complete applications received within the deadline and on the form provided will be taken into consideration.

The competition is conducted as part of the project "Active Citizens: Better Society: towards Cooperation and Democratic Development through Advocacy" that aims to contribute to the strengthening of democracy in Serbia, based on the culture of citizen participation in the political process and consistent democratic practice.

Call details are available on

Source: Belgrade Open School and Coordination Body