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25. July 2014.

Vranje – It’s getting increasingly more difficult for the “Electric Power Distribution Company” from Vranje to charge the supplied electricity, especially from the households. Unpaid bills, at the moment, amount to 600 million dinars. The companies owe 165 million dinars.  The outstanding liabilities of the households are two and a half times larger than those of the companies, amounting to 435 million dinars.   

Around 6,000 households are classified as the largest debtors. They owe a quarter of the overall Electric Power Distribution Company’s claims, or 150 million dinars.  The point at issue is a debt which exceeds 10,000 dinars per household. Close to 500 households owe 50, 000 and 100, 000 dinars, while over 100 of them failed to pay the amount of 100, 000 to half a million dinars. Two-thirds of the large debtors, or four thousands of them, are residents of the municipalities of Bujanovac and Presevo.  Collection is not the only problem. Electric power is stolen, too. The “Electric Power Distribution Company” from Vranje, over the last year, filed over 500 criminal charges for the illegal connection to the electric power grid. Most criminal charges were brought against the households in the municipalities of Bujanovac and Presevo. 

Source: Economic Review and Coordination Body