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3. August 2011.

Presevo – Upon destruction of 48 cluster bombs in the territory of the village of Brustanje near Presevo, the de-mining of the first site in that municipality was completed, said yesterday Emil Jeremic, the Head of the Norwegian People Aid’s Office for South-Eastern Europe.   

Cluster bombs of type BLU 97, which NATO used for targeting South Serbia’s locations in 1999, were found on the aforementioned cite, which is 20.5 hectares large.
Mr. Jeremic said that more unexploded cluster bombs were removed from the territory of Bustranje than they had expected. The de-mining began there on April 29, 2011. He also said that 12 unexploded bits of other live ammunition were also found and destroyed on that site.
„The cluster bombs near Bustranje were found on farming land, which is cultivated, so that the entire territory was searched half a meter below the ground. The said territory is safe now.  The next site to be de-mined is Satkin vir, which is also situated in the municipality of Presevo. It is 12 hectares large and is located in the inaccessible mountainous region“, Mr. Jeremic said.

The project of removing the unexploded cluster bombs from South Serbia is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (3.5 million euro), while it is implemented by the Norwegian People’s Aid, along with the De-mining Center of the Republic of Serbia.  Cluster bombs should be removed from the sites, the overall area of which is 4.3 km2, in the municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Kursumlija.