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9. May 2017.

Bujanovac This year, the municipality of Bujanovac allocated 23 million dinars for agriculture, of which 3.5 million dinars are intended for livestock breeders, mainly for artificial insemination of cattle.

The call for applications lasts until May 19, while eligible to apply for incentives are active farms and establishments from the territory of the municipality of Bujanovac which have been entered in the register of the active agricultural farms, in accordance with the laws, regulations and the call for applications.

Metin Ramiz, a member of the municipal commission for the allocation of incentives said that only 9 million dinars had been earmarked for agriculture the year before.

“Incentives are provided for the production of milk, fruit and vegetable crops (grapes, vegetables, mushrooms and flowers), then the grain sector, industrial aromatic herbs and spices, as well as for the apiculture,"Mr. Ramizi said. 

He pointed out that the commission, upon closing of the call for applications, would deal with the evaluation of each submitted application, as well as with checking in the field whether the candidates had complied with the program and call for applications.

Source: Bujanovacke and Coordination Body