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29. October 2012.

Source: Politika / A few days ago, thanks to the joint activity of the customs officers and border police, 22 illegal immigrants were prevented, on the Presevo border-crossing, from crossing the border into Serbia. They were on a train that runs from Greece to Western Europe. Six of them were Bangladeshi nationals, while two were from Mali, and one each from Nepal, Syria, Rwanda, Guinea and Pakistan. They were discovered in a train car that contained a truck-trailer that transported aluminum profiles, while another eight Algerian nationals were found in a truck- trailer which transported iron.

“In both cases, it was noticed that the truck roof covers had been cut, so that it was assumed that the illegal immigrants had managed to get on the trucks at one of the stations in the states through which the train passed before it arrived in Serbia, and thus get hold of Austria", it was stated in the announcement issued by the Customs Administration.