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24. June 2014.

On the occasion of marking the Refugee Day in Bujanovac, 15 families of internally displaced persons (IDPs), who used to be accommodated in collective centers in the area of the municipality, as well as five domicile, socially disadvantaged families, received the keys to new apartments.

The housing problems of these 20 families were solved thanks to the European Union’s project “Support to the Implementation of the Strategy for IDPs, Refugees and Returnees in Serbia”.

“The importance of this project for the municipality of Bujanovac is great because it enabled  the closing down of the “Salvatore” refugee center, where the living conditions were beneath human dignity", said the UNHCR Office in Serbia.

The Commissioner for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, as the institution responsible for meeting the housing needs of refugees and internally displaced persons, drew the attention of the EU, as a donor, to the most effective way of meeting the housing needs of these people. The municipality of Bujanovac donated the land and infrastructure.

The concept of the project was entered into the Strategy of Development and Social Protection of the Republic of Serbia, which was seen as the best solution for those who were still living in collective centers. So far, the concept has been implemented in 42 municipalities throughout Serbia, where 976 housing units were provided, out of which 556 were provided owing to the European Union’s funds. 

The occupants of the flats in Bujanovac will have the right to use them as long as they need them.  A host family will live in each building, whose role will be to act as a link between the building’s dwellers and the Centre for Social Work in Bujanovac.

The project was funded by the European Union, while it was co-funded and implemented by the UNHCR.  The total value of the construction work, furniture and equipment is 358, 000 euros.

Source:  “Tanjug” News Agency and Coordination Body