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2. December 2019.

Belgrade  - Zlatibor Loncar, the Minister of Health in the Government of the Republic of Serbia,  handed over contracts for financing and implementing projects aimed at improving the quality of services in primary health care for 83 health centers,  the total value of which is 2.3 million euros.

The grants awarded by the Ministry of Health, which amount to 3.5 million  dinars for each health center, were awarded for 91 projects.

The projects relate to the provision of additional health services in the areas of prevention, screening for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, malignancies, as well as increasing vaccination rates and improving access to health and prevention services for all healthcare beneficiaries.

The implementation of the project is scheduled to begin in December and is to last 12 months, with funding provided under the Second Healthcare Development Project of Serbia, implemented by the Ministry of Health and the World Bank.

On that occasion, Minister Loncar underscored that from December 1, health centers would become part of a single system that would benefit everyone.

According to him, regardless of how much the state invests in the health care system, it will never be sufficient, because it is such a system that we must always invest in it.

“We want to focus on prevention, because if we tackle a problem on time, we will have no complications in the future,” the Minister said.

Biljana Kozlovic, the co-ordinator of the Second Healthcare Development Project of Serbia, noted that a public call for grants to improve the quality of healthcare services had been launched in June and that it had lasted until the end of July.

She specified that 83 health centers with 102 projects had responded to the public call, while 91 projects from 83 health centers had received grants that met the strict criteria of the Grants Implementation Commission.

Source: “Tanjug” news agency, NS Live and Coordination Body