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13. August 2019.

Medvedja –  Branko Ruzic, the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, visited the municipality of Medvedja and talked with the management of the municipality about the ways to improve the services provided by the municipal administration and the projects for the better life of residents of the municipality. 

It is through the Local Fund of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government that the municipality received almost 1.5 million dinars for modernizing the operation of the municipality, more precisely for the procurement of computer equipment.

“We are reforming the entire administration and every work process to make it better for all our citizens and I understand that it is a challenge to respond to all the changes when you do not have sufficient capacity, "Minister Ruzic said.

He also said that that was why this Ministry’s Fund and other projects that the Ministry was working on existed.

“Since last year, we have been finally able to specifically help the municipalities solve their current problems and move towards changes, and thus be faster and more helpful to our citizens, " Minister Ruzic said, pointing out that he had also discussed with the leadership of the municipality of Medvedja the financing of the establishment of the e-Parliament.

Bearing in mind the multiethnic composition of the municipality, he pointed out that that was the quality more of the municipality, but also a greater responsibility for making services available to every minority.

“Last year, we passed four laws that directly address minorities, which makes it possible to print toponyms in the minority language, gives priority to members of the minority when they seek employment and allows voluntary registration of nationality in civil registers, " Minister Ruzic underscored. He also said that he expected that the government's policy would be implemented faster and more efficiently locally.  

Source: “Danas” daily and Coordination Body