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14. March 2013.

The Coordination Body earmarked 1.3 million dinars for the first phase of repairing the damage caused by floods in Bujanovac and Presevo. Also, another six million dinars were demanded from the budget reserves, while assistance will be requested from the competent state bodies, too, for the purpose of helping the flooded households, said Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body.  

According to the data provided by the staff for emergency situations in Presevo, the total damage caused by floods was estimated to be 20 million dinars, out of which the households suffered the damage of two million dinars, whereas the infrastructure facilities suffered the remaining damage.  

On that occasion, Mr. Stankovic visited the local community of “Zeleznicka stanica” in Presevo and talked with the local community leader Skender Limani and the local self-government leaders about repairing the damage caused by the recent floods in the municipality.

“Funds in the amount of 1.3 million dinars shall be paid in the giro account of these municipalities within the next few days“, Mr. Stankovic said. 

He added that a request for another six million dinars from the budget reserves had been submitted, so that the basic needs of households  could be satisfied, while assistance would be sought from the state authorities and ministries for the purpose of repairing the damage suffered by infrastructure facilities in these two municipalities.  

“There are also problems with the illegally constructed buildings, the taking of the land owned by the state and unresolved property relations", said Mr. Stankovic.

According to him, a study for ultimate protection of the facilities from torrential floods will take a few years to prepare. Upon completion, it will provide the resources for the problem of flooding, which has becomes a regular occurrence, to be definitely resolved.  

Slender Limani, the leader of the local community of “Zeleznicka stanica” said that the permanent solution for this problem would be provided by the Traffic Institute CIP, which would do a project that would be submitted to the local self-government, while the Coordination Body had promised to provide financial assistance in that respect.  

Source: RTS